Critical Jump: A risky jumping game

1.0 for iPhone

Jump to the end – but not too far!



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Critical Jump: A Risky Jumping Game is a fun skill-based game where your aim is simple: to jump from platform to platform until you reach the end.

Yes, the game's premise may sound very simple, but the gameplay, not so much. You've got to load the jump for just the right amount of time so as not to come up short over overshoot the platform. To do that you've got an energy bar showing the strength of the thrust when you go to jump. The idea is to load it enough to make it to the next platform. But you also have to think about the fact that the fewer jumps it takes you to get to the finish line, the more points you'll get, meaning if you can jump clear of certain platforms without dying, don't hesitate to do it.

Critical Jump: A Risky Jumping Game is divided into levels, each one harder than the last. The first ones are just two or three platforms in a straight line and a finish line at the end, but as you move ahead, the road will get ever more tortuous. Load your jumps with precision to get to the end as soon as you can and get all three stars for each level.
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